NSW IRC Championships

Hosted By Corlette Point Sailing Club

Updated:  17/04/2015  8:58:36 AM

D1 Entrants
Sail No Boat Name Class First Name Last Name From IRC Div1 IRC Div2
7771 BALANCE D1 Paul Clitheroe CYCA 1.364  
6952 CELESTIAL D1 Sam Haynes CYCA 1.362  
AUS6151 ENIGMA D1 Robert Bennett RPAYC 1.174  
8001 FORTY D1 Stephen Barlow RSYS 1.170  
46 KHALEESI D1 Andrew And Pauline Dally MHYC 1.183  
18889 NINE DRAGONS D1 Bob Cox MHYC 1.191  
360 PATRICE D1 Tony Kirby CYCA 1.285  
A5 PMA YEAH BABY D1 Lindsay Stead CYCA 1.281  
13413 RHUMB D1 Ian Humphris LMYC 1.213  
M166365 SHAKTI D1 Doug Coulter LMYC 1.273  
226 SWISH D1 Steven Proud MHYC 1.246  

D2 Entrants Start : 23:05
Sail No Boat Name Class First Name Last Name From IRC Div1 IRC Div2
5845 BOTANY ACCESS COCOMO D2 Justin Brownbill MHYC   1.034
11978 MUCH ADO V D2 John And Micha Stephen RSYS   1.146
21740 NOVOCAINE D2 Vaughn Stephens NCYC   1.058
8009 OCC. COARSE LANG ONE D2 R Alder W Bailey RPAYC   1.108
8938 OLD SCHOOL D2 Mark Griffith RPAYC   1.103
3430 QUIKPOINT AZZURRO D2 Shane Kearns CYCA   0.922
N349 SCHOUTEN PASSAGE D2 Jan & Richard Howard NCYC   1.034
7027 THE GOAT D2 Bruce Foye CYCA   1.098
MH20 THEPHILOSOPHERS CLUB D2 Peter Sorensen MHYC   1.058
16129 WAILEA D2 Neil Padden MHYC   1.057
4343 WILD ROSE D2 Roger Hickman CYCA   1.047

Results by : TopYacht Software

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