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Hosted By Hobsons Bay Yacht Club

Race 12   (28/03/2015)  PROVISIONAL RESULTS

Updated:  30/03/2015  8:47:09 AM

PHS results Start : 15:55
Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper Fin Tim Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH CHC Score ETOrd Vis
ABN 4299 EAGLE ROCK John Tremewen     1.000           Yes
ABN AUS6100 K2 Dennis Clark     1.000           Yes
ABN H7 OUTLAW Outlaw Gang     0.752       0.0    
ABN H43 ASTERIX James Walshe     0.698       0.0    
ABN H47 ANTARES A Robert Laughlin     1.000           Yes
ABN H80 SATIE Club Member     1.000           Yes
ABN H97 HARMONY Stephen Cheney     0.703       0.0    
ABN H108 LE CASCADEUR Ryan Blackstock     0.789       0.0    
ABN H134 WORKING CAPITAL Graham O'Meara     1.000           Yes
ABN H141 JENSMINC Mark Sheahan     1.000           Yes
ABN H151 ALWYN Peter Costolloe     1.000           Yes
ABN H166 NOELEEN 111 A. Hesselmans J. Poi     0.767       0.0    
ABN H185 SURE-FIRE Martin Waller     1.300           Yes
ABN H200 PINK LADY Eric Tattersall     1.000           Yes
ABN H288 SELEKA Raymond Proudlock     1.000           Yes
ABN H365 BLAISE PASCAL Nick Woodley     0.741       0.0    
ABN H373 KARINA David Gibson     0.747       0.0    
ABN H602 TURBULENCE Eric Marsh     1.000       0.0    
ABN H700 MOONRAKER Garry Cook     0.749       0.0    
ABN H833 BUCCANEER Justin Ray     1.000       0.0    
ABN H3333 3 RING CIRCUS Skit Syndicate     0.777       0.0    
ABN H4040 KESTREL OF BRIGHTON Pete Spruzen     1.000           Yes
ABN H4139 RAMBLER David Anthony     1.000           Yes
ABN H8118 MERLION Eddie Mackevicius     0.930       0.0    
ABN KA11 KOOKABURRA Doug Shields     1.000           Yes
ABN R18 LAURELLE Ray Borrett     1.000           Yes
ABN R35 MONEYPENNY Langford Spencer     1.000           Yes
ABN R188 HOTSPUR Geoff Stevens     1.000           Yes
ABN R362 DUCKMOBILE David Seaman     1.000           Yes
ABN R727 GALAXY Arch Burns     1.000           Yes
ABN R968 FOOTLOOSE John Robb     1.000           Yes
ABN R1210 MIKA Brian Yarnall     1.000           Yes
ABN R1221 MERAK Bas Huibers     1.000           Yes
ABN R6198 NEXT MOMENT Alexander Doull     1.000           Yes
ABN R6620 AFRAYED KNOT Bruce Early     1.000           Yes
ABN R6806 BLUE CHIP Ian Lewis     1.000           Yes
ABN S8000 MOOD INDIGO Keith Chatto Roger B     1.000           Yes
ABN TEST02 TEST BOAT Rodney McCubbin     1.000       0.0    

Results by : TopYacht

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