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Consistency Series - Div 2

Hosted By South Of Perth Yacht Club

Updated:  8/02/2019  11:21:46

Start : 13:35
Sail No Boat Name First Name Last Name Cas? PHSDIV2
307 ARIEL Glenn Pedersen   0.600
F271 THE SIDEWALK CAFE Denise Bradley   0.987
SP13 THEOPHIS John Heydon   0.720
SP53 MORNING FLITE John Woolhouse   0.660
SP54 AGAINST ALL ODDS Tawake Rakai   0.672
SP68 OLIVE MARIE Leslie Ballantyne   0.640
SP105 MIGHTY BLUE Bryan Smith   0.658
SP139 COLUSION Barry Arnold   0.683
SP158 BALLINA Colin Cowden   0.666
SP164 GLASGOW KISS Hamish Macadie   0.685
SP184 SERENITY John Leccese   0.619
SP250 FAIR GAME Stuart Game   0.650
SP266 SPECTRE Michael Kennedy   0.688
SP271 SCALLOWAY David Pearce   0.720
SP285 FRONT UP Walter Philippe   0.720
SP393 COVER DRIVE Peter Were   0.661
SP555 STELLAR LEAP Clint Hayes   0.687
SP557 NATALOUKA Ron Reddingius   0.656
SP700 QUEENSCLIFF Mark Nicholas   0.669
SP751 MINGARA George Ruul   0.686
SP920 IGAWA David Atkinson   0.697
SP1001 SHADOWFAX Mark Gooding   0.720
SP1007 CARPE DIEM II Rhodri Edwards   0.580
SP1111 MAVERICK Ted Heysed   0.670
SP139X COLUSION Ted Heysed Y 0.673
SP4242 DON'T PANIC Mathew Selby   0.661

Results by : TopYacht

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