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Non Consistency - Viper 640

Hosted By South Of Perth Yacht Club

Updated:  4/04/2019  18:36:48

Start : 14:00
Sail No Boat Name First Name Last Name PHS Div 8
AUS112 FIZZ Nick Lewins 0.793
AUS116 VELOCITY John Park 0.824
AUS215 GREY NOMAD Kim Leunig 0.821
AUS216 YOU GET IN THE BOWL Rod Beurteaux 0.838
AUS217 CHINESE MOCCASIN Murray Howson 1.000
AUS218 BITE ME Michael Cameron 1.000
AUS272 STEAL DE BREEZE Brian Devries 0.832
AUS279 HISSING IN THE WIND Graeme Monkhouse 0.836
AUS281 GREEN MAMBA Ethan Borough 1.000

Results by : TopYacht

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