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Consistency Series -Viper 640

Hosted By South Of Perth Yacht Club

Updated:  15/03/2019  17:12:17

Start : 14:00
Sail No Boat Name First Name Last Name Cas? PHS Div 8
AUS112 FIZZ Nick Lewins   0.793
AUS116 VELOCITY John Park   0.830
AUS215 GREY NOMAD Kim Leunig   0.821
AUS216 YOU GET IN THE BOWL Rod Beurteaux   0.838
AUS217 CHINESE MOCCASIN Murray Howson Y 1.000
AUS218 BITE ME Michael Cameron Y 1.000
AUS272 STEAL DE BREEZE Brian Devries   0.832
AUS279 HISSING IN THE WIND Graeme Monkhouse   0.836
AUS281 GREEN MAMBA Ethan Borough   1.000

Results by : TopYacht

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