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W.A Sharpie State Championships

Hosted By Western Australian Sharpie

Updated:  29/03/2021  6:08:07 PM

Series Results [JUNIOR CHAMP] up to Race 7 (Drops = 1)
Place Ties Sail No Boat Name Skipper Crew Crew. From Sers Score Note Race 7 Race 6 Race 5 Race 4 Race 3 Race 2 Race 1
1   WA856 VANQUISH Peter Ivanac Peter Ivanac Daniel Bower EFYC 6.0 J 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 [1.0]
2   WA800 MEAT AND TWO VEG Kiara Sims Ben Horton Dusty Hedley Gbyc 16.0 J, C, W 3.0S 3.0S 3.0Q 3.0F [3.0F] 2.0 2.0

(Ties: S=Score R=Race B= Bettered. Penalties: A=ARB/MED B=BFD C=DNC D=DNE E=ESP F=DNF G=RDG H=NSC I=DPI L=Late Entrant M=DGM N=ENP O=OCS P=Protest Q=DSQ R=RET S=DNS T=TLE U=UFP V=AVG W=DUT X=EXC Y=SCP Z=ZFP #=NoData [x.y]=Discarded)

Results by : TopYacht

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